Fishing: Barents Sea Wiki

The following is a list of achievements in the game Fishing Barents Sea. There are 30 achievements in the game.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
100 kg Cod.jpg 100 kg Cod Catch 100 kg Cod
100 kg Haddock.jpg 100 kg Haddock Catch 100 kg Haddock
100 kg Pollock.jpg 100 kg Pollock Catch 100 kg Pollock
100 kg Redfish.jpg 100 kg Redfish Catch 100 kg Redfish
100 tons Cod.jpg 100 tons Cod Catch 100 tons Cod
100 tons Haddock.jpg 100 tons Haddock Catch 100 tons Haddock
100 tons Mackerel.jpg 100 tons Mackerel Catch 100 tons Mackerel
100 tons Pollack.jpg 100 tons Pollack Catch 100 tons Pollack
100 tons Redfish.jpg 100 tons Redfish Catch 100 tons Redfish
1,000 kg Cod.jpg 1,000 kg Cod Catch 1,000 kg Cod
1,000 kg Haddock.jpg 1,000 kg Haddock Catch 1,000 kg Haddock
1,000 kg Pollock.jpg 1,000 kg Pollock Catch 1,000 kg Pollock
1,000 tons Mackerel.jpg 1,000 tons Mackerel Catch 1,000 tons Mackerel
10,000 kg Cod.jpg 10,000 kg Cod Catch 10,000 kg Cod
10,000 kg Haddock.jpg 10,000 kg Haddock Catch 10,000 kg Haddock
10,000 kg Pollock.jpg 10,000 kg Pollock Catch 10,000 kg Pollock
10,000 kg Red Fish.jpg 10,000 kg Redfish Catch 10,000 kg Redfish
Certificate for Hermes.jpg Certificate for Hermes Unlocked Hermes
Certificate for Lunar Bow.jpg Certificate for Lunar Bow Unlocked Lunar Bow
Certificate for Sjarken.jpg Certificate for Sjarken Unlocked Sjarken
Certificate for Vibeke Cathrin.jpg Certificate for Vibeke Cathrin Unlocked Vibeke Cathrin
Discovered Akkarfjord.jpg Discovered Akkarfjord Found port of Akkarfjord
Discovered Forsøl.jpg Discovered Forsøl Found port of Forsøl
Discovered Hammerfest Centrum.jpg Discovered Hammerfest Centrum Found port of Hammefest Centrum
Discovered Rypefjord.jpg Discovered Rypefjord Found port of Rypefjord
Discovered Snefjord.jpg Discovered Snefjord Found port of Snefjord
Discovered Trawl Area.jpg Discovered Trawl Area Found Trawling Area
Discovered Tufjord.jpg Discovered Tufjord Found port of Tufjord
You got your first Fish.jpg You got your first Fish Have a fish on your boat.