Fishing: Barents Sea Wiki

Bait is used with longlines to catch fish. There are 4 types of bait available, each one having different probabilities of catching each type of fish.

Types of bait[ | ]

Shrimp icon Shrimp[ | ]

Shrimp are primarily used to catch Cod, with a decent chance to get Pollock or Haddock. Contrary to the in-game description, it does not provide the most varied catch; Crab does.

Shrimp is the most expensive bait.

Crab icon Crab[ | ]

Crab are used to catch all types of fish. Crab is the only form of bait where no single fish has a 50% or above chance of being caught, making it the most varied bait.

Crab is the cheapest bait.

FP bait Krill[ | ]

Krill are primarily used to catch Redfish, and the only bait that has more than a 5% chance of doing so.

Mackerel icon Mackerel[ | ]

Mackerel are primarily used to catch Pollock, with a decent chance to get Cod or Haddock. Mackerel are unique in that they can be fished rather than just bought, so a vessel capable of efficiently catching Mackerel can then use them as free bait for their lines, and sell the rest.

Comparison Tables[ | ]

See tables below for details on which bait is best for each type of fish as well as the cost based on length (number of hooks) of the lines.

%-Chance to catch fish based on bait type
Bait \ Fish Cod (Kabeljau) Pollack (Pollack) Haddock (Schellfisch) Redfish (Rotbarsch)
Krill 10% 15% 15% 60%
Mackerel 15% 55% 25% 5%
Shrimp 60% 20% 15% 5%
Crab 45% 30% 20% 5%
Cost to bait the different lines based on number of hooks
Bait \ Cost Pr. Hook 250 500 1,000 2,000 5,000 10,000
Krill 6 kr 1,500 kr 3,000 kr 6,000 kr 12,000 kr 30,000 kr 60,000 kr
Mackerel 5 kr 1,250 kr 2,500 kr 5,000 kr 10,000 kr 25,000 kr 50,000 kr
Shrimp 8 kr 2,000 kr 4,000 kr 8,000 kr 16,000 kr 40,000 kr 80,000 kr
Crab 4 kr 1,000 kr 2,000 kr 4,000 kr 8,000 kr 20,000 kr 40,000 kr

Additional notes[ | ]

  • All baits except krill have a 5% chance of catching Redfish.
  • No bait is particularly good for catching Haddock. The best, mackerel, only has a 25% chance, with the other having either 15 or 20% chance.