Fishing: Barents Sea Wiki

Bait is used with longlines to catch fish. There are 4 types of bait available, each one having different probabilities of catching each type of fish.

Types of bait

Shrimp Shrimp icon.png

Shrimp are primarily used to catch Cod, with a decent chance to get Pollock or Haddock. Contrary to the in-game description, it does not provide the most varied catch; Crab does.

Shrimp is the most expensive bait.

Crab Crab icon.png

Crab are used to catch all types of fish. Crab is the only form of bait where no single fish has a 50% or above chance of being caught, making it the most varied bait.

Crab is the cheapest bait.

Krill FP bait.png

Krill are primarily used to catch Redfish, and the only bait that has more than a 5% chance of doing so.

Mackerel Mackerel icon.png

Mackerel are primarily used to catch Pollock, with a decent chance to get Cod or Haddock. Mackerel are unique in that they can be fished rather than just bought, so a vessel capable of efficiently catching Mackerel can then use them as free bait for their lines, and sell the rest.

Comparison Tables

See tables below for details on which bait is best for each type of fish as well as the cost based on length (number of hooks) of the lines.

%-Chance to catch fish based on bait type
Bait \ Fish Cod Pollack Haddock Redfish
Krill 10% 15% 15% 60%
Mackerel 15% 55% 25% 5%
Shrimp 60% 20% 15% 5%
Crab 45% 30% 20% 5%
Cost to bait the different lines based on number of hooks
Bait \ Cost Pr. Hook 250 500 1,000 2,000 5,000 10,000
Krill 6 kr 1,500 kr 3,000 kr 6,000 kr 12,000 kr 30,000 kr 60,000 kr
Mackerel 5 kr 1,250 kr 2,500 kr 5,000 kr 10,000 kr 25,000 kr 50,000 kr
Shrimp 8 kr 2,000 kr 4,000 kr 8,000 kr 16,000 kr 40,000 kr 80,000 kr
Crab 4 kr 1,000 kr 2,000 kr 4,000 kr 8,000 kr 20,000 kr 40,000 kr

Additional notes

  • All baits except krill have a 5% chance of catching Redfish.
  • No bait is particularly good for catching Haddock. The best, mackerel, only has a 25% chance, with the other having either 15 or 20% chance.