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Additional boats become available to you as you progress. These boats provide additional upgrades and allow for different types of fishing.

Boat unlocks are based on the distance you've driven in a boat. Fast traveling does not count towards this.

List of boats[]


Borge Large.jpg

Børge is an old rusty boat with sluggish controls that was given to you by your grandfather.

The starting boat, unlocked by default. Has basic longline capabilities and no room for crew.


Tobie boat.png

Tobie is a fishing boat with very good sea features, with a stable hull that results in a smooth ride.

Alternative starting boat, you can buy. Has basic longline capabilities and no room for crew. Available in Line and Net Ships DLC


Sjarken Large.jpg

Sjarken is a solid fishing boat with good sea characteristics. The large deck makes it suitable for fishing with longlines and nets.

Grants the ability to hire crew and use nets. Unlocked after 20km.


Sharky boat.png

Sharky is based on the design of a modern fishing boat and measures 35 feet in length. The detailed accessible deck is included!

Has the ability to hire crew and use nets. Unlocked after 20km. Available in Line and Net Ships DLC


Selfy boat.png

Selfy is built in glass fiber with reinforced polyester. Its the fastest fishing boat you can get in this game.

This boat can be rigged for net/lines/king crab pots. Unlocked after 20km. Available in King Crab DLC


Fix boat.png

Fix is built in the 1920s and is the oldest fishing boat type still in use in Norway.

Has the ability to hire crew and use nets. Unlocked after 20km. Available in Line and Net Ships DLC


Follabuen large 01.jpg

Follabuen is an old fishing boat originally built in the 60s.

Has basic longline capabilities, big storage space and room for two crew. Unlocked after 20km.

Vibeke Cathrin[]

Vibeke Cathrin Large.jpg

Vibeke Cathrin is a spacious and comfortable 15-meter boat with a quota worthy of its size. Suitable for longline and net fishing.

Unlocked after 120km.


The ship is significantly larger than the previous ship (Sjarken) and has a few additional upgrade options such as;

  • Can install a Freezer for freezing fish.
  • Can install a Machine Gutter which is significantly faster than hand gutting (about x10 faster)
  • Can be upgraded with side thrusts which enables ship to dock more safely at the ports.

She also comes with more fuel, a larger fishing quota, larger cargo hold compared to Børge and Sjarken (see Stats Comparison matrix for details). Vibeke Cathrin is rigged for line-fishing when you buy her, but as with Sjarken she can be upgraded to do net fishing instead if preferred (note, this requires 2 crew or 1 crew + player to haul the net).

The wheelhouse is located up high which gives you a nice vantage point when you are sailing the ship from 1st person view. It also has the option to upgrade to better radar which provides a wider exploration radius making her better for exploring the map.

1st person areas

The first person view allows you to explore the wheelhouse which includes a small lounge/resting area, the outside area around the wheelhouse as well as the deck below.

You can open a door from the wheelhouse (located behind the captains chair) to the aft deck and walk past the wheelhouse on both port and starboard side of it to access the front deck of the ship. There is a ladder leading to the roof of the wheelhouse, however this ladder can not be climbed. On the port side of the aft deck, near the exhaust from the engine, there is a door leading to the work area on the deck below. This door can be interacted with and teleports the player to the deck below where you can walk around to see the area where the lines and net are pulled up as well as the spot where the gutting (machine and hand gutting in same location) takes place. There are no additional areas to access from the work deck other than going back up to the top deck and wheelhouse again.


Max number of crew on ship: 3

Crew Slots / Tasks:

  • Cook - 1 Slot
  • Repair - 1 Slot
  • Long Line Haul (if installed) - 1 Slot
    • Optionally , Net Haul (if installed) - 2 Slots
  • Hand (or Machine if installed) Gutting - 1 Slot (**)
  • Stacking - 2 Slots (**)
  • Freezing (if installed) - 1 Slot (*) (**)

(*) - Note that Freezing is completely optional and not required in order to Stacking or to sell fish, nor does freezing the fish affect the price when sold.

(**) - Note: these slots can be upgraded.

An important additional requirement when selling fish with Vibeke Cathrin; The fish MUST be stacked before it can be sold. This requires the fish to first be gutted and then stacked. The gutting can be done by crew, or by the player, however the stacking can only be done with crew members. This means you must wait for the time it takes to stack the fish before you can sell it. Training one or two crew members to increase their skill in stacking will significantly reduce this wait time before you can sell.


Snarset boat.png

Snarset is made of aluminum, a top modern fishing boat.

Unlocked after 120km. Available in Line and Net Ships DLC

Moby D[]

MobyD boat.png

Moby D is based on a very popular Norwegian fishing boat design from the 1970s, its hull of wood and steel was to increase its strength and durability.

Unlocked after 120km. Available in Line and Net Ships DLC


Svalbard boat.png

Svalbard is only used for crabbing. It is 180 feet long and the biggest crab ship available.

This boat used to only fish king crab with big pots. Unlocked after 120km. Available in King Crab DLC


Unlocks trawling, opens the use of the Scanmar trawl sensor system and additional crew slots. NOTE: Removes the ability to use nets and longlines.

Lunar Bow[]

Lunar Bow Large.jpg

Lunar Bow has a traditional trawler design and is built for pelagic trawling This ship is rigged for fishing mackerel and pollock.

Unlocked after 250km.


Hermes Large.jpg

Hermes is a modern freeze trawler used for bottom trawling. This ship is rigged for fishing Cod, Pollock, Haddock, and Redfish.

Unlocked after 450km. Unlocks additional trawling.

Stats comparison[]

Boat Price Length Weight Crew Starter storage Max storage Quota Fuel Engine Max speed Unlocked at Max lines Max line length
Børge 10,000 kr 24 ft 2,500 kg 0 3,000 kg 6,000kg 110,000 kg 150 L 15 hp 7 knots Starting boat 4 1,000 hooks
Yazzy 180,000 kr 20 ft 4,500 kg 0 2,000 kg 4,000kg 110,000 kg 300 L 50 hp 12 knots 20 km 4 500 hooks
Tobie 595,000 kr 23 ft 2,100 kg 0 3,000 kg 6,000 kg 150,000 kg 300 L 72 hp 14 knots Available from start 8 1,000 hooks
Sjarken 450,000 kr 34 ft 6,500 kg 1 5000 kg 10,000 kg 400,000 kg 900 L 75 hp 15 knots 20 km 8 5,000 hooks
Sharky 690,000 kr 35 ft 10,000 kg 2 5000 kg 10,000 kg 440,000 kg 2000 L 300 hp 15 knots 20 km 8 1,000 hooks
Selfy 450,000 kr 36 ft 25,000 kg 1 10,000 kg 18,000 kg 450,000 kg 10,000 L 500 hp 30 knots 20 km 8 2,000 hooks
Fix 895,000 kr 33 ft 25,000 kg 0 10,000 kg 20,000 kg 460,000 kg 3,000 L 100 hp 10 knots 20 km 8 1,000 hooks
Follabuen 1,350,000 kr 57 ft 39,000 kg 2 20,000 kg 40,000 kg 560,000 kg 10,000 L 210 hp 11 knots 20 km 8 2,000 hooks
Vibeke Cathrin 1,950,000 kr 34 ft 90,000 kg 5 20,000 kg 40,000 kg 700,000 kg 9,500 L 574 hp 11.05 knots 120 km 20 10,000 hooks
Snarset 2,850,000 kr 49 ft 65,000 kg 4 20,000 kg 40,000 kg 670,000 kg 10,000 L 620 hp 14 knots 120 km 20 10,000 hooks
Moby D 3,350,000 kr 66 ft 76,000 kg 5 50,000 kg 100,000 kg 820,000 kg 5,000 L 477 hp 13 knots 120 km 20 10,000 hooks
Svalbard 4,490,000 kr 180 ft 120,000 kg 8 50,000 kg 80,000 kg 80,000 kg 50,000 L 1,125 hp 15 knots 120 km 50 pots King Crab only
Lunar Bow 14,950,000 kr 227 ft 2,233,000 kg 7 500,000 kg 1,000,000 kg 12,000,000 kg 663,000 L 8,000 hp 15 knots 250 km
Hermes 19,950,000 kr 180 ft 1,572,000 kg 7 200,000 kg 400,000 kg 10,829,000 kg 500,000 L 5,360 hp 12.7 knots 450 km