Fishing: Barents Sea Wiki

Change Log[ | ]

Below are all version updates for Fishing: Barents Sea.

The changes are sorted per year with the newest updates listed at top.

2018 - Change Logs[ | ]

Version: - 02.08.2018 (14:00) - Hotfix[ | ]

  • Adjusted controldeck position in Hermes
  • Adjusted engine force on Hermes
  • Fixed two more weird crashes

Version: - 01.08.2018 (15:00) - Hotfix[ | ]

  • Fixed crash when trawling with Hermes
  • Fixed some other weird crash issues

Version: 1.1.6 - 30.07.2018 (22:15)[ | ]

  • Fixed soundscapes at ports - Wider attenuation radius
  • Fixed crew hauling slot on VC
  • Fixed trawl nets to be destroyed when a new one is set
  • New boat horn mesh
  • New rotating radar mesh
  • Lot of performance and stability fixes

Version: - 20.07.2018 (15:50) - Hotfix[ | ]

  • Fixed issue with crew slot upgrades
  • Fixed back button on save/load menu
  • Fixed issue with sound on hauler using crew on Vibeke Cathrin

Version: 1.1.5 - 19.07.2018 (18:08)[ | ]

  • New feature: Upgradable gutting, freezing and stacking slots on Vibeke Cathrin and Hermes
  • Added planar reflection setting to be affected by Run Benchmark
  • Added missing texture on convey belt on gutting machine
  • Fixed resolution scale for dot in FP
  • Fixed issue with mouse pointer disappearing when overwriting save game
  • Fixed foam not following boats correctly
  • Fixed issue with docking area shown inside boats interior
  • Fixed boats from leaving water when fast traveling
  • Fixed flipped boat in Hammerfest port
  • Fixed net position when crew haul net on Vibeke Cathrin

Version: - 12.07.2018 (18:35)[ | ]

  • Fixed issue with cruiseship deliver mission
  • Fixed issue with boat name on Hermes, if it's too large to fit box
  • Fixed main menu to fit 5:4 resolution
  • Fixed various weird crash conditions

Version: - 10.07.2018 (21:15)[ | ]

  • Adjusted cascade shadows
  • Fixed crash when pressing M quickly
  • Fixed toast crash
  • Tweaked water shader

Version: - 08.07.2018 (13:00) - Hotfix[ | ]

  • Adjusted engine force on Hermes, should now go faster when fully loaded
  • Fixed running lights on Hermes
  • Updated crash reporter (Gives us better crash reports)

Version: 1.1.4 - 06.07.2018 (18:00)[ | ]

  • Fixed issue with crew not hauling line or net
  • Fixed drag on trawl doors on Lunar Bow and Hermes
  • Fixed net hauler on Vibeke Cathrin
  • Replaced wall clocks in boats
  • Some optimizations on all boats

Version 1.1.3 - 05.07.2018[ | ]

  • Adjusted sensors to say “no data” when trawlbag is hauled
  • Fixed Børge with flooded deck when fully loaded
  • Fixed map actor that could cause crash on save
  • Fixed issue with port camera causing crash

Version: 1.1.2 - 04.07.2018[ | ]

  • Added engine room on Hermes
  • Fixed rising trawl doors when trawling with Hermes
  • Fixed issue with sonar sometimes being red
  • Fixed repair slot on Follabuen
  • Fixed several issues with fatal error
  • Fixed issue with M being held down to long, causing game to freeze
  • Fixed watermesh on Lunar Bow
  • Fixed open water detection
  • Fixed outline on fish finder and Scanmar monitor
  • Fixed interactions through walls on several boats
  • Fixed issue with line set tutorial part 3
  • Fixed issue with fish falling at floor when using net hauling
  • Fixed issue with water in engine room on Vibeke Cathrin
  • Updated antennas on Hermes

Version: 1.1.1 - 20.04.2018 (21:55)[ | ]

  • Adjusted fish catch ratio
  • Added new filth red shader on Hermes
  • Fixed issue with AI boats sometimes stops
  • Fixed mission marker for cruiseship mission
  • Fixed Red Sonar screen on trawling
  • Fixed Searchlight on Vibeke Cathrin
  • Fixed invisible wall on deck on Vibeke Cathrin
  • Fixed loss of fish when cancelling “catch fish”-style missions
  • Fixed issues with crew positions on Follabuen
  • Fixed engine sound on Follabuen
  • Fixed crew positions on Vibeke Cathrin and Lunar Bow
  • Improved crew average fishing performance

Version: 1.1 - 18.06.2018 (16:00)[ | ]

  • New features & assets
  • Captains chair, which is rotatable and adjustable
  • Interior in Sjarken
  • Model of Follabuen
  • Models with interior of Vibeke Cathrin, Lunar Bow and Hermes
  • Inventory system for protagonist (Knifes, hooks and binoculars can be bought at ports)
  • Binoculars available on right mouse button
  • Fish quota for all ships are now upgradable in port
  • Follabuen is now available to buy for fishing with lines
  • Fog horn available from 1P
  • Storage meter available from 1P
  • Set gear and gutting available from 1P
  • AI system, boats and fishing boats move around
  • Fog system for weather
  • Gutting mechanic (Press and hold left mouse button, drag knife along marked line on fish)
  • Updates, improvements and bugfixes
  • Updated pelagic and bottom trawling
  • Doors on pelagic needs to be 50m+ to catch fish
  • Doors on bottom needs to be 150m+ to catch fish
  • Updated trawling tutorial
  • Updated wiki
  • Reworked fish habitat detection system
  • Added more sound effects and ambient soundscapes
  • Tweaked boat controls, should behave more realistic in ocean
  • + Tons of other bug fixes, improvements and optimizations

Version: [Hotfix] - 19.04.2018 (12:00)[ | ]

  • Adjusted fog, should not get inside ship
  • Fixed issue with option menu causing game to freeze
  • Fixed issue with interactable searchlight

Version: 1.0.19 - 18.04.2018 (19:00)[ | ]

  • Added low quality water shader (Should fix issue with no water)
  • Added port crew verification on load game
  • Added more soundeffects (Buoy drop, rain, snowfall, water)
  • Added maximum to number of fish displayed on sonar
  • Added head mesh for shadow in 1st person
  • Added Hungarian language
  • Adjusted top speed and dynamics on Lunar Bow
  • Adjusted coefficiency on Børge and Sjarken (Should behave better with higher speed)
  • Adjusted center of mass on Follabuen (Should drive straight)
  • Adjusted nighttime, made it more darker
  • Adjusted sonar to use correct multiple in imperial
  • Adjusted wave height considered at end of fast travel. Should reduce bounce
  • Adjusted lights on all boats, should improve performance
  • Fixed black regions in ocean
  • Fixed issues where player get stuck after gutting
  • Fixed issues with flying trawl doors on Lunar Bow
  • Fixed issues with mini hitches
  • Fixed issue with not pausing game when in menu
  • Fixed issue with trawlbag not connected on Lunar Bow
  • Fixed issue with overflow in bank loan calculation
  • Fixed crash when loading from open water
  • Fixed loading save game issue in open water that would destroy half of the habitats
  • Fixed numbers of issues with Scanmar system
  • Improved self-shadow quality on boat
  • Improved car spawn performance and movement
  • Improved performance of water reflection
  • Optimized and updated weather system
  • Performance optimization for planar reflections
  • Prevented autosave to happen when first loading a save game
  • Re-created distance light system
  • Updated ambient sound in Akkarfjord, Forsøl and Snefjord
  • Updated line timing message
  • Updated all languages
  • Updated trawling tutorial

Version: 1.0.18 - 08.04.2018 (20:00)[ | ]

  • Adjusted collision on props and foliage
  • Adjusted click region for logbook tabs

Version: 1.0.18b3 [Beta Branch] - 06.04.2018 (15:00)[ | ]

  • Added logbook object in all boats (Available from FP)
  • Added worklight at the back of Hermes
  • Adjusted UI elements to fit at lower resolution
  • Adjusted controller setup (Tried to fix issue with analogue controllers)
  • Fixed mini hitches
  • Fixed issue with pause after 1st tutorial
  • Fixed issue with canvas panel visible
  • Removed unnecessary loading screens
  • Reworked thunderstorm in weather system

Version: 1.0.18b2 [Beta Branch] - 05.04.2018 (18:00)[ | ]

  • Adjusted X axis on Vibeke Cathrin (Positioned better when fully loaded)
  • Adjusted coefficiency on Sjarken (Moves better at high speed)
  • Fixed broken steering/throttle in FP drive mode (Controller)
  • Fixed visibility units (Weather)
  • Fixed some localization errors (Danish/Norwegian)
  • Fixed searchlight interact prompt showing correct keys

Version: 1.0.18b [Beta Branch] - 04.04.2018 (18:00)[ | ]

  • Added Hungarian language
  • Fixed keybinding on searchlight text
  • New option system
  • Better controller support
  • Selectable units (Nautical/imperial/metric)
  • Auto detect graphic settings (On first time startup)
  • Reset “Dont show this again” dialogue option
  • Updated first trawler tutorial (Go to open water)

Version: 1.0.17 - 29.03.2018 (18:30)[ | ]

  • Fixed freeze/crash when loading save game
  • Fixed steam submodule not loading correctly

Version: 1.0.16 - 20.03.2018 (05:05)[ | ]

  • Fixed issue with crash on hauling on Vibeke Cathrin
  • Fixed issues with minimap, land not showing
  • Fixed issue with seabed clipping when trawling
  • Upgraded seabed calculation
  • Updated to UE 4.19

Version: 1.0.15 - 08.03.2018 (16:45)[ | ]

  • Added Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, Chinese and Portuguese language
  • Adjusted walkable area on Lunar Bow and Sjarken
  • Added stricter IsWorkAvailable condition for setting line
  • Fixed issues with double logbook entries when loading save game
  • Fixed issue with haul trawl tooltip
  • Fixed issue with failed second line haul, given another chance
  • Fixed issues with random port out at ocean
  • Fixed issue with crew hauling line instantly after deployed, if assigned
  • Fixed issues with haul sound after haul complete
  • Fixed issues with seagulls clipping through ships
  • Increased minimum ocean floor depth to 400m
  • Updated boat speed on Vibeke Cathrin
  • Updated Follabuen and other non-fishing boats so they appear correctly in ports

Version: 1.0.14 - 06.03.2018 (20:00)[ | ]

  • Added new dialogue when boat switching boats, warning about cargo and switch cargo to new boat
  • Added new icon for Haddock in logbook
  • Adjusted center of mass on Børge, Sjarken and Vibeke Cathrin (Should fix issues with flooding boats)
  • Adjusted cut for all crew
  • Fixed issues with meal icons
  • Fixed issues with port camera
  • Fixed issues with whale mission
  • Fixed issues with weather forecast box
  • Fixed some errors with logbook fish sale entries
  • Fixed number of issues with depth Scanmar sonars
  • Optimized buoyancy on Børge, Sjarken and Vibeke Cathrin

Version: 1.0.13 - 01.03.2018 (19:00)[ | ]

  • Added light switches at controldeck in Hermes
  • Added highlighting to crew slot boxes on hover
  • Added double click on crew to return to resting
  • Adjusted crew slots, player are now forced to place crew in right slot
  • Adjusted dock area in Hammerfest main port
  • Adjusted light intensity on building windows (Should be less bright at night)
  • Disabled save game during trawling
  • Fixed issues with haul minigame, with no fish. Now it should always be some fish
  • Fixed habitats to validated on savegame/load, preventing unreachable mission waypoints
  • Fixed issues with gear logbook entries
  • Fixed issues with random meal icons
  • Fixed spider chart not available Scanmar screen setup
  • Fixed issues with bright screens in boats at night
  • Updated buoyancy on AI ships around map
  • Updated NO translations (Fixed more typos)
  • Updated fish quota to be calculated per boat (NOTE: Quotas from previous save game will be reset)

Version: 1.0.12 - 27.02.2018 (18:42)[ | ]

  • Added Steam Cloud save
  • Added new meal icons
  • Added pause for after sale logbook when delivering fish at port
  • Added name to crew level up popup message
  • Fixed line hauler sound to play every time
  • Fixed crash when entering boat purchase area
  • Fixed free fuel issue on Hermes
  • Fixed Wiki to don’t pause when reading, updated images, layout and font size
  • Updated storage space and storage upgrades on Vibeke Cathrin +50% more
  • Updated all languages (Fixed typos in NO/EN)
  • Updated gutting tutorial info

Version: 1.0.12b [Beta Branch] - 26.02.2018 (20:10)[ | ]

  • Adjusted stiffness on warp wires, both trawlers should be able to haul full nets
  • Fixed buoyancy on AI boats around map
  • Fixed crash when player loads game which was saved during net deploy
  • Improved fish count algorithm in catch summary. Should fix freeze
  • Optimized Sell Fish routine, should be 50% faster
  • Updated trawl bag material

Version: 1.0.11 - 23.02.2018 (18:05)[ | ]

  • Fixed missions so it convert fish to cargo as soon as required weight is reached
  • Fixed issues with warp wire length. Now based on measured distance instead of constraint distance
  • Fixed issues with DE and NO translations
  • Updated UI to fit localized text

Version: 1.0.10b [Beta] - 22.02.2018 (21:40) - Available from Steam -> Beta branch[ | ]

  • Adjusted line info button to be hidden using trawlers
  • Fixed incorrect speed and fuel readings on Hermes
  • Fixed fish boxes clipping on Børge and Sjarken
  • Fixed issue with first step of trawling on Lunar Bow
  • Fixed crew tooltips not updating when level up
  • Fixed some UI crew issues on VC and Hermes
  • Fixed issues with mackerel quota bar not updating correctly
  • Fixed sinking Follabuen
  • Fixed name component alignment on Sjarken
  • Updated Lunar Bow storage to be correctly (500.000kg)
  • Updated ALL languages and added Turkish language (WIP - QA proofing)

Version: 1.0.9 - 20.02.2018 (20:00)[ | ]

  • Adjusted port info cameras in each port
  • Adjusted number of fish on longline and in nets now calculated from normal distribution
  • Adjusted trawling, habitats now spawned according to their weight instead of population
  • (effectively halves yield on average)
  • Fix for leaderboard scores
  • Fix for corrupted missions
  • Removed buoyancy LOD on all boats + updated LOD levels on all ships

Version: 1.0.8 - 19.02.2018 (17:35)[ | ]

  • Fixed float point for Cruiseship, was to deep (AI Boat)
  • Fixed lag when entering port with large catch
  • Updated fishboxes on boats
  • Massive update on buoyancy system to fix crash at startup

Version: 1.0.7 - 17.02.2018 (15:30)[ | ]

  • Enabled leaderboard for total number of fish caught
  • Fixed issue with player couldn't trawl again after hauling recently
  • Fixed small issue with catch widget
  • Fixed fish total achievements now use current total, instead of incrementing
  • Fixed issue where active missions were being destroyed randomly
  • New Hurtigruten model (AI boat)
  • Made a new custom version of Steam plugin
  • Reverting all compiled localization due to issues reported by a number of users. Will be updated again soon!

Version: 1.0.6 - 16.02.2018 (17:55)[ | ]

  • Adjusted Sjarken buoyancy with new buoyant mesh, new turning force and new density
  • Fixed issues with camera and remote-driving when using outside wheel
  • Fixed scrollbox for crew hire/fire in port
  • Fixed current step widget removed when player loads new game mid-tutorial.
  • Fixed amount of fish required for missions. Amount should now be proportional to the storage of the current ship
  • Fixed performance issue when processing fish while on a mission
  • Removed sensors keybind

Version: 1.0.5 - 15.02.2018 (19:00)[ | ]

  • Added throttle in Vibeke Cathrin
  • Fixed crew panel tooltip regression
  • Fixed issue that could cause crash when hauling
  • Fixed issue with trawl doors and controls on Lunar Bow and Hermes
  • Optimized storage panel, machine gutting now not always perfect, depends on skill level
  • Updated localization for translation

Version: - 15.02.2018 (09:25) - Hotfix[ | ]

  • Fixed issue with localization

Version: 1.0.4 - 14.02.2018 (21:30)[ | ]

  • Fixed up small issues with localized text when hitting quotas
  • Small optimization when switching back to main HUD
  • Upgraded sea markers around Tufjord - Beware, shallow water!
  • Updated all languages, EN, NO, DE, PL, JP, FR, ES, CZ, RU

Version: - 14.02.2018 (11:30) - Hotfix[ | ]

  • Fixed small bug causing randomly crash due to discovered map bounds
  • Fixed issue with cargo not removed from storage post-mission
  • Updated collision on Sjarken

Version: 1.0.3 - 13.02.2018 (19:15)[ | ]

  • Added auto throttle for deploy line/net
  • Added ability to cancel missions in logbook
  • Fixed a few issues when loading game from port
  • Fixed another cause of crash when exiting game
  • Fixed tooltip not updating for crew
  • Fixed crew icon not disappearing after hauling and being to tired
  • Fixed fast travel crash
  • Fixed collision on Hermes
  • Fixed issue in which all nets were damaged when damaging a single net
  • Fixed issue where player could deploy two lines at once
  • Fixed searchlight alignment on Børge upgrades
  • Fixed catch sensor, now shows fill rate immediately (Had delay)
  • Removed throttle limit
  • ID1019 - Better dialogue when purchasing services
  • ID1017 - Fixed issue with only pollack appeared for trawling

Version: 1.0.2h (Hotfix) - 12.02.2018 (22:26)[ | ]

  • Fixed collision on Lunar Bow

Version: 1.0.2 - 12.02.2018 (20:00)[ | ]

  • Adjusted prices on trawlers
  • Adjusted trawling net capacity
  • Adjusted storage capacity on trawlers
  • Adjusted prices on storage upgrades
  • Adjusted fish prices and weight thresholds
  • Fixes issues with net hauling crashing on Vibeke Cathrin
  • Fixed Steam achievements for ships
  • Fixed Fish achivements to be more accurate
  • Fixed drifting on Sjarken and tuned other boats to drive straight
  • Fixed issue with key bindings
  • Fixed bug with splash emitters not turning off correctly
  • Fixed fill sonar on Scanmar catch sensors
  • Reduced required distance for certificates
  • Removed cheats
  • Updated collision on Sjarken, Vibeke Cathrin, Lunar Bow and Hermes
  • Updated fish box on Børge with new model

Version: 1.01 - 11.02.2018 (19:16)[ | ]

  • Adjusted default graphic settings
  • Fixed some localization issues in Norwegian and English
  • Fixed some sinken boats
  • Small fix to try prevent crash on startup
  • Updated gutting mechanic icons

Version: 1.0 - 07.02.2018 (01:30)[ | ]

  • Added camera for tourists
  • Disabled DFAO on planar reflection
  • Fixed bug with ice in open waters
  • Fixed bug where player gut fish when crew is gutting
  • Fixed localization
  • Fixed lights on Vibeke Cathrin
  • Fixed forward shading on Ocean
  • Fixed When player catches no fish, a new buoy is spawned and the player made to try again.
  • Updated line buckets with new model
  • Updated port in Hammerfest
  • Updated cruiseship model
  • ID1739 - Fixed GUI disappears and game appears frozen after opening the options menu

Version: 0.998h - 03.02.2018 (16:00)[ | ]

  • Adjusted LOD on Børge (Causing wierd articafts)
  • Added more steps to trawling tutorial
  • Adjusted max wave size 2km from port (gives player warning if going outside of area)
  • Adjusted trawling system
  • Adjusted some default option settings
  • Fixed bug where loading game during net deploy is causing issues
  • Fixed AI cars overlapping bug
  • Fixed camera misalignment issues in FP
  • Fixed issues with crew panel not being updated when buying new boat
  • Fixed interactable sonar on Sjarken
  • Fixed issues with rescue service
  • Fixed bug where player goes to port randomly
  • Fixed line algorithm when choosing next line
  • Removed blood particle effect in gutting
  • Reduced Lunar Bows listing a tiny bit
  • ID1731 - Fixed Canceling to fire crew members, while switching from one ship to the Borge, destroys the ship
  • ID1743 - Fixed When hauling trawl and start pumping fish game crash
  • ID1529 - Fixed tutorial overlay in port

Version: 0.997 - 02.02.2018 (19:15)[ | ]

  • Added Follabuen mission in Tufjord/Snefjord (Whale safari)
  • Adjusted trawler mechanic to make it easier, changed optimal speed
  • Updated joysticks in Lunar Bow
  • Updated collisions on buildings at ports
  • ID1718 - Fixed [Net fishing] Only the first net can get damaged while setting

Version: 0.996 - 01.2.2018 (21:15)[ | ]

  • Added new fast travel icons
  • Removed all pointlights from searchlights, added emissive
  • Tweaked global post processing and roughness on Sjarken and Børge
  • Updated line bucket with new model
  • Updated cooking, now its 2x as fast + fixed burger bug
  • Updated interactions with screens in Lunar Bow
  • ID918 - Fixed Lunar Bow] The boundary between open sea and land is not correctly displayed at the screen of Lunar Bow
  • ID649 - Fixed Water is missing below the docks close to Centrum
  • ID1728 - Fixed Texture changes when upgrading searchlight
  • ID1313 - Fixed Sometimes after leaving port, the controls seem disabled and the boat cannot be moved
  • ID1704 - Fixed After docking in first-person view and then leaving port, the game will use external camera, but first-person controls
  • ID1320 - Fixed [Events] The timestamp for new events in 2018 is set to 2017 making all new events not available
  • ID1731 - Fixed Canceling to fire crew members, while switching from one ship to the Borge, destroys the ship

Version: 0.995 Hotfix - 31.1.2018 (00:09)[ | ]

  • Adjusted max damage from single hit to ~20%
  • Fixed issue with crew eating food, timeskipping, then getting million of stamina XP
  • Fixed issue with minimap
  • Fixed collision on sea waypoints
  • Fixed ship upside down in Forsøl

Version: 0.995 - 31.1.2018 (19:55)[ | ]

  • Fixed issues with German menu language (English, German, Norwegian added again!)
  • Fixed issues with line length loading save game
  • Reduced intensity on interior light in Børge
  • Level Design: Updated all ship models around map + added more fish farms around
  • Updated buoy age colors and multiplier curve (Now its much harder to get good catches)
  • Updated WIKI with cooking info
  • ID843 - Fixed [Trawling] The trawling net stays in the open water and pulls back the ship when leaving the open water
  • ID1717 - Fixed [Sjarken- Gutting] Player overlaps with crewmember while gutting
  • ID1720 - Fixed [Trawler Tutorial] Conflicting tutorial messages about travelling to the north-west and north-east
  • ID1530 - Add date and money info when browsing logbook
  • ID844 - Fixed [Open Water] The minimap is not displayed correctly

Version: 0.994 - 31.1.2018 (13:30)[ | ]

  • Fixed small issue with missions
  • Fixed issues with some big ships tipping over in ports
  • Removed other languages (Only English now), that was causing issues with saving
  • ID1704 - Fixed After docking in first-person view and then leaving port, the game will use external camera, but first-person controls

Version: 0.992 and 0.993 - 30.1.2018 (21:35)[ | ]

  • Added languages - Currently on English, German, Norwegian - All languages will be updated before release (Use language options, under properties on Steam to select your language)
  • Fixed issues with advanced buoyancy system
  • Fixed issues with localization in for long strings
  • Removed crew tooltips from 3D actor
  • Updated buoyancy actor on AI ships / added fish farm in Forsøl
  • Updated aging texture and optimized Lunar Bow
  • ID677 - Fixed [Hermes] It is possible to walk trought the door
  • ID877 - Fixed [Hermes] Loading with ship in spawning position catapults the ship
  • ID703 - Reworked [Sjarken][Vibeke Cathrin] Nets are deployed through the back wall

Version: 0.991 - 29.1.2018 - Development Only[ | ]

  • Adjusted fuel usage with 50% when using fast travel (normal driving uses normal fuel)
  • Added thrusters to Vibeke Cathrin
  • Adjusted engine upgrade price on Lunar Bow
  • Fixed issues with deploying line
  • Fixed buoyancy on small AI ships around ports
  • Reduced seagulls spawned by trawler
  • Updated english text
  • ID1578 - Fixed [Lunar Bow] After all upgrades are installed, a joystick still needs an upgrade to be available
  • ID1575 - Fixed [Fast Travel] The user has to click the button for fast travel twice
  • ID1576 - Fixed [Sjarken] It is possible to clip into the wall of the cabin

Version: 0.99 - 28.1.2018 (23:10)[ | ]

  • Added possibility to fire crew member in port
  • Added water mask to Sjarken
  • Adjusted price on engine upgrades for Børge, Sjarken, Vibeke Cathrin and Hermes
  • ID1302 - Fixed Intro videos - Sound is played with full volume, no matter which sound settings were chosen in the game
  • ID798 - Fixed Leaving the game leads to an crash

Version: 0.989 - 27.1.2018 (21:35)[ | ]

  • Adjusted dock area in Akkarfjord
  • Fixed issues with 1st and 2nd tutorial
  • Fixed issue with crewmember walking while gutting
  • Fixed seagull sound attenuation
  • Implemented autosave system when entering ports + next day

Version: 0.988 - 26.1.2018 (19:30)[ | ]

  • Added hint on haul line/net button when no crewmember
  • Added adjustable time skip up to 24hrs in ports
  • ID1360 - Fixed lot of issues with yarn hauling
  • ID703 - Updated and fixed [Sjarken][Vibeke Cathrin] Nets are deployed through the back wall
  • ID1283 - Fixed [Gutting] Difficulty of gutting minigame depends on the display resolution

Version: 0.987 - 26.1.2018 (13:37)[ | ]

  • Adjusted camera in Rypefjord (Port info)
  • Improved camera smoothness when docking in port
  • ID1284 - Fixed [Trawling tutorial Part 4] Popup on top of the part 3 popup
  • ID1382 - Fixed Boat gets damage if cross line on minimap
  • ID1469 - Fixed No controls over ship after exiting port

Version: 0.986 - 25.1.2018 (19:15) - Rolled back to v0.985[ | ]

  • Adjusted camera for port info in all ports
  • Adjusted sky to be less white on horizon, made clouds less blue
  • Level design around Hammerfest port
  • Fixed all maintenance upgrades don’t prompt user
  • Fixed issue with port camera after selling fish
  • Fixed catch sensors, are dark grey when locked and light grey when trawl bag is not full
  • Fixed number of fish boxes on Børge, reduced to 8
  • ID1381 - Fixed [Vibeke Cathrin] Sonar does not move
  • ID1388 - Fixed [Weather] Rain inside the boats
  • ID1324 - Fixed [Crew] Speed controls disabled when an AI crew member hauls
  • ID1282 - Fixed [Sell Fish] Displayed sale price does not consider the bonus from gutting quality

Version: 0.985 - 24.1.2018 (19:50)[ | ]

  • Added weather forecast option in port
  • Fixed issues with net and line hauling crew slots not being loaded from save
  • Fixed gutting animation for crew
  • ID843 - Fixed [Trawling] The trawling net stays in the open water and pulls back the ship when leaving the open water
  • ID1304 - Fixed Boats can be steered even when not in the driving mode
  • ID1366 - Fixed Fish sonar is lagging and shows alot of fish
  • ID1297 - Fixed [Hermes] Invisible collider when trying to go back through the door onto the bridge
  • ID1285 - Fixed [Bank loan] When the player switches between savegames, the bank loan from the previous game is still active
  • ID1376 - Fixed [Polishing] Fasttravel button highlight
  • ID1374 - Fixed [Polishing] Confirmation dialogue popup on purchase
  • ID656 - Fixed [Sjarken] The player can not climb the stairs on the second ship
  • Update female characters

Version: 0.984 - 23.1.2018 (19:38)[ | ]

  • Added stroke around knots font
  • Fixed crash when loading, save game halfway through setting a longline
  • New waypoint flag
  • Tweaked controls on Sjarken and Vibeke Cathrin
  • Replaced gas station model in Hammerfest
  • ID1331 - Fixed [Jobs] After catching all required fish, the success message appears repeatedly every few moments until the mission is completed
  • ID715 - Fixed [Lunar Bow] After using the rescue service the ship was placed on the harbor
  • ID1320 - Fixed [Events] The timestamp for new events in 2018 is set to 2017 making all new events not available
  • ID1329 - Fixed [Options] It is not possible to bind new keys

Version: 0.983 Dev - 23.1.2018 (12:00)[ | ]

  • Adjusted radar upgrades on Sjarken
  • Fixed issue with crew hauling longline on Sjarken
  • Some other minor adjustments on meshes

Version: 0.982 - 23.1.2018 (00:10)[ | ]

  • Fixed logic issues with tutorials
  • Fixed crash when buying Lunar Bow
  • Fixed open water icon issue after loading game

Version: 0.981 - 22.1.2018 (18:55)[ | ]

  • Adjusted distance traveled for certificates
  • Fixed broken input after hauling net with no fish
  • Fixed issue with port menu appearing after fast travel
  • Fixed issue with 2nd tutorial popup
  • Some minor updates and bugfixes

Version: 0.98 - 22.1.2018[ | ]

  • Added open sea marker on minimap
  • Added all Steam achievements
  • Added prompt to docking zone, loans and accepting mission
  • Added sound effect on gutting
  • Added key info on searchlight levelers
  • Added line haul tutorial mission
  • Adjusted wake effect on Follabuen
  • Replaced small AI boats with new models
  • Updated current task tutorial text

Version: 0.975 - 18.1.2018[ | ]

  • Added Scanmar Flow sensor
  • Adjusted default Scanmar sensors setup
  • Added Door control upgrade (Controls with arrow keys)
  • Added joystick to control trawl door controls
  • Added Thruster upgrade (Controls with Z and C)
  • Balanced Vibeke Cathrin & Lunar Bow
  • New small ships around ports
  • New searchlight glass material
  • Updated English text
  • Some optimization and bugfixes

Version: 0.974 - 16.1.2018[ | ]

  • New trawlbag and haul mechanic done on Hermes

Version: 0.973 - 16.1.2018[ | ]

  • Added more line info
  • Added constant heightfog, with dynamic density
  • Added more maintainance actions at dock
  • Added fast travel distance doesnt count toward certificate, distance halved
  • Added crew phone at front deck in Lunar Bow
  • Added more soundeffects
  • Added new rain effect
  • Adjusted bank loan exponential to x5
  • Adjusted max line size on Børge + fuelprice on all ships
  • Fixed worklight in Vibeke Cathrin
  • Fixed characters and updated main menu
  • Fixed doors and walk area in Hermes and Lunar Bow
  • Fixed wire drums on Lunar Bow & Hermes
  • New floor, walls and ceiling on Lunar Bow
  • New MG intro
  • New net hauler & net haul mechanic
  • New searchlights on Børge & Sjarken
  • Replaced several buildings around the map
  • Removed buoy on Sjarken
  • Removed tool in hand on character
  • Updated wiki info for certificates
  • ID1323 - Fixed Cars drive into the ice barrier
  • ID1316 - Fixed [Wiki] Upgrades are not available in Forsol

Version: 0.972 - 8.1.2018[ | ]

  • Some updates in Main Menu
  • Added default Scanmar layout
  • Added fish prices shown when selling at port
  • Adjusted lights on Sjarken and Lunar Bow
  • Fixed dashboard indicators for trawlbag controls

Version: 0.971 - 8.1.2018[ | ]

  • Added lot of sound effects and soundscapes
  • Added bait info button
  • Added timeskip icon at port (skip one day or one week)
  • Added game start option (name and gender character)
  • Added new apartment building, office building and green bunker
  • Added interactable radio for rescue service in FP
  • Added second boat name on trawlers (both sides)
  • Fixed floor and roof in Lunar Bow
  • Fixed depth offset on all ships
  • Adjusted particle effects on ships
  • Updated bait screen, unbaited lines are now grouped together
  • Updated post processing and lights
  • Updated and remade several “old” buidlings in Hammerfest
  • Setup captain uniform when getting trawler
  • Setup walking areas on Lunar Bow and Hermes
  • New loadscreens
  • Replaced wire material with new one
  • Removed fast traveling when docked at port
  • Removed old wake system
  • ID1108 - Fixed Game crashes when selecting the ship in the shop
  • ID1190 - Fixed [Vibeke Cathrin] Player stuck outside
  • ID439 - Fixed Fish finder shows only seabed (Clipping)
  • ID618 - Fixed [Borge] Moving near the box for fresh catch lifts the player character a few feet off the ground
  • ID322 - Fixed Sometimes the water rises vertical out of the sea
  • ID315 - Fixed There is a missing water texture around the boat and buoys by using Windows 8.1
  • ID686 - Fixed [Hermes] It is not possible to move the camera
  • ID621 - Fixed [All ships] Kill engine option does not stop animation and sound
  • ID393 - Fixed [Sjarken] The buoy is clipping into the boat
  • ID681 - Fixed [Hermes - Lunar Bow ] The door of ship "Hermes" or "Lunar Bow" is not usable by pressing button "E"
  • ID665 - Fixed [Hermes] Driving in the shady area shown a texture issue at the bug of the ship
  • ID685 - Fixed Only Pollack are available in July
  • ID846 - [Lunar Bow] It is possible to clip through the doors

2017 - Change Logs[ | ]

Version: 0.97 - 30.12.2017[ | ]

  • New water spray effect on all ships
  • Added rescue boats on Lunar Bow and Hermes
  • Added more soundeffects
  • Added refuel amount choice at port
  • Fixed several lights issues on ships
  • Setup Follabuen, is playable through debug
  • ID873 - Fixed [Sonar - Fish] The sonar shows fish which is not catchable at the current date

Version: 0.963 - 14.12.2017 (Time 11:45)[ | ]

  • New glass material on windows in ships
  • New version of Børge
  • New loadscreens
  • Updated Vibeke Cathrin, walking areas/cabin door
  • Adjusted sun and skylight
  • Added rescue boat on Hermes
  • Added game speed with “T” again
  • Fixed bug with blurry minimap
  • Fixed line mechanic how hook is connected to fish
  • Fixed flame effect in Børge, removed smoke
  • Fixed size of elements in logbook
  • Fixed rain so it doesnt come inside cabins
  • Fixed wave size, now it should be less bigger waves

Version: 0.962 - 08.12.2017[ | ]

  • New particle effects on Sjarken
  • Show total weight of hauled line/net in logbook
  • Adjusted fish mechanic so you will get some fish on gear set outside fish habitats
  • Fixed issues with fast traveling from port
  • Fixed different missions available after loading savegame
  • Fixed game freeze on trawler tutorial message
  • Fixed incorrect crew image
  • Fixed mission won’t complete after loading a save
  • Fixed game freeze when crew is hauling net
  • Fixed issue with port camera and fast travelling
  • Fixed issue with tutorial message that cannot be closed
  • Fixed issue with limited amount of lines
  • Fixed issues with some missions and adjusted tutorial text
  • Fixed interactable fish finder in Børge and Sjarken, now you can browse between sonar/minimap
  • Increased engine sound volume on Vibeke Cathrin

Version: 0.961 - 07.12.2017[ | ]

  • New loadscreens
  • New wake on boat 1 (Work in progress)
  • New boat purchase screen
  • Changed new game start time to August (More fish should now be available)
  • Setup radar/compass in all boats
  • Added more soundeffects / soundscapes
  • Fixed lights on all boats
  • Fixed dock bug in Forsøl
  • Fixed resolution scaling higher than 1080p
  • Fixed enforced throttle limit when setting gear
  • Improved and updated camera movement for boat upgrades and ports

Version: 0.96 - 04.12.2017[ | ]

  • Added MG and Astragon logo in main menu
  • New rain effect
  • New loadscreens
  • Updated fast travel icon
  • Removed timeskip
  • ID908 - [Lunar Bow] It is possible to clip through the kitchen
  • ID843 - [Trawling] The trawling net stays in the open water and pulls back the ship when leaving the open water
  • ID901 - [Fish Market - Buy bait] Prices for longline bait are incorrect
  • ID910/911 - [Lunar Bow] It is possible to clip through the table and wall across from the kitchen / It is possible to clip through the blue table
  • ID808 - [Options menu] New Default button resets all changed settings
  • ID847 - [Gamepad] Dead zone is missing - a random button is assigned
  • ID923 - [Sjarken - 1st person] No interaction with light switches and outside steering wheel possible
  • ID919 - [Dock at Port] Leaving the market area while docking can lead to the player being stuck
  • ID902 - [Lunar Bow] The ship does not stop correctly at the port
  • ID759 - [Lunar Bow] Birds flying through the ship
  • ID905 - Map does not show the current speed of the boat or ship.
  • ID918 - [Lunar Bow] The boundary between open sea and land is not correctly displayed at the screen of Lunar Bow
  • ID743 - [Vibeke Cathrin][Lunar Bow][Hermes] Ship has no searchlight
  • ID917 - [Lunar Bow] The trawling net camera view does show commands which are not usable
  • ID878 - [Main menu] Ship in the background is spinning slowly
  • ID633 - [Map] Fast Travel route markings displayed between fishing lines after loading
  • ID785 - [Certs Menu] Inconsistent display of the menu
  • ID822 - [Sjarken] Missing collider
  • ID763 - [UI] Issues with the Hammerfest description window
  • ID761 - [Quest- Rewards] String does not fit in its container
  • ID890 - After reaching the new year the event log timestamp is set to 02/04/2018 for all seasons
  • ID844 - [Open Water] The minimap is not displayed correctly
  • ID818 - [Sjarken] The ship is drifting slowly to the left side

Version: 0.956 - 27.11.2017[ | ]

  • Fixed issues with fog being to overwhelming
  • Big cleanup in buoyancy code
  • Big cleanup in AI code
  • ID814 - [Jobs] The needed fish vanishes from the cargo
  • ID879 - Missing dock collider between Hammerfest and Hammerfest Centrum
  • ID863 - [Hermes] No icons for the storage and engine upgrades
  • ID731 - [All Ships] Animals can pass through ships
  • ID864 - [Fast Travel] Textures load in very slowly after skipping huge distances
  • ID882 - [Hermes] No button for traveling to the "Open Water"
  • ID894 - [Set gear] Going in first person mode while placing a line shows the ship in third person with no UI afterwards
  • ID888 - [Jobs - Deliver fillets to Hammerfest] Player can use fast travel even though it should be blocked
  • ID744 - [Hermes] Hauling trawl is not possible with the Ship "Hermes"
  • ID895 - Missing collider at a small gangplank south west from Rypefjord
  • ID855 - "Dock at port" button is connecting the rescue ship to the harbor
  • ID609 - [Fishing Minigame] Line hangs straight down when reeling it in
  • ID860 - Big ships (Hermes, Vibeke Cathrin, Lunar Bow) result in low FPS

Version: 0.953/954/955 - 24.11.2017[ | ]

  • Adjusted weather and lighting
  • Added pictures of real ships inside boats
  • Updated textures on Vibeke Cathrin, Lunar Bow and Hermes
  • Minor changes to main menu
  • Updated tutorial
  • ID780 - Fixed The name of the tanker is mirrored on the hull
  • ID619 - [Gutting Minigame] The character model is shaking
  • ID816 - Crash after using the rescue service to Rypefjord
  • ID647 - [Loca] Wiki text regarding the color of buoys is not consistent with buoys on the map
  • ID823 - [Loca] Music titel "Netural Selection" instead of "Natural Selection"
  • ID828 - [Vibeke Cathrin] Description text is missing a punctuation character
  • ID820 - [Crew] Severe issues when crew is hauling
  • ID811 - [Borge - Hauling] Minigame cannot be started in 1st person view
  • ID831 - [Vibeke Cathrin] The player character is inside the chair
  • ID330 - A camera issue occurs, after deactivating the "Drive" mode
  • ID683 - Disabled clocks inside ships other than the Borge can not be used to advance time
  • ID824 - [Fast Travel] Ships can hit the shore when routes are too close to land

Version: 0.952 - 21.11.2017[ | ]

  • Update engine, storage, repaint and rename icons
  • Update main menu
  • ID702 - [All Ships] No message displayed for how to "Stop driving" after moving the camera view
  • ID694 - [Lunar Bow] The ship bounces multiples times up and down after it loads into the world
  • ID762 - [Vibeke Cathrin - Lunar Bow - Hermes] Mooring line is to loose and not visible

Version: 0.951 - 20.11.2017[ | ]

  • Updated wiki
  • Fixed tutorial where player can get stuck in door
  • ID802 - [Nethauling] If many nets are bought they are displayed inconsistently in the main screen.
  • ID765 - [Logbook] Quest text overlaps the date
  • ID749 - [Vibeke Cathrin] Description text is overlapping
  • ID733 - Sjarken] Work Lights are not dark when switched off
  • ID726 - It is not possible to open the menu while docked at port
  • ID644 - [Loca] The description for the longline is different in the help menu and tooltip
  • ID623 - [Borge] Objects that should not be reachable on the ship

Version: 0.95 - 18.11.2017[ | ]

  • New trawler tutorial
  • New main menu
  • Set default radar, engine and storage upgrade (ID674, 673, 678)
  • Added bow and stern thrusters on Lunar Bow and Hermes
  • Fixed port info widget
  • Fixed fog color bug
  • Updated wiki
  • Turned off SSR on ocean material to reduce ghosting effect
  • Fixed first person movement (ID442, 651, 689, 692)
  • ID748 - Fixed [Hermes] Description text is missing
  • ID623 - Fixed Interaction no longer occurs through the mainstaticmesh
  • ID801 - Fixed Crew panel always hidden if not available on action button UI construct
  • ID778 - Fixed [Map] The player can drive out of the map
  • ID795 - Fixed [Fast Travel] After fast traveling into a harbor, leaving the map view freezed the game
  • ID792 - Fixed [Fast Travel] The error message "cannot cross land" appears in certain areas of the map and hinders fast traveling
  • ID791 - Fixed [Lunar Bow - Hermes] There is no information about where the player can start trawling
  • ID799 and ID794 - Fixed [Fast Travel] After respawning the previously set route is still there and [Fast Travel] Ship flickers often over the map while using fast travel
  • ID793 - [Open Water] The "go to open water" button does not disappear if triggered once
  • ID766 - [Quest] A certain quest is available even though it cannot be fullfiled
  • ID725 - [Hermes] Other ships can not access the bait tab after the Hermes was activated
  • ID715 - [Lunar Bow] After using the rescue service the ship was placed on the harbor
  • ID647 - [Loca] Wiki text regarding the color of buoys is not consistent with buoys on the map
  • ID773 - [Sjarken- Gutting] The cutting board is not displayed correctly.
  • ID772 - [Vibeke Cathrin- Gutting] The cutting board is not displayed correctly.
  • ID677 - [Hermes] It is possible to walk trought the door
  • ID743 - [Vibeke Cathrin][Lunar Bow][Hermes] Ship has no searchlight
  • ID619 - [Gutting Minigame] The character model is shaking
  • ID714 and ID800 - [Sjarken] Second buoy of 75m net stays with the ship and Net fishing does not yield enough catch

Version: 0.923 - 15.11.2017[ | ]

  • All music tracks added
  • New map edge system (Should solve ID778, 776, 775)
  • Added videos on startup
  • Added shutoff engine with double key X (ID621)
  • Added option for planar reflection
  • Added crew management to phones
  • Added repaint option, reset ageing system
  • Updated/optimized option menu and settings (ID602, 600, 605)
  • Updated missions
  • Updated landscape materials and seasons
  • Updated crew management UI
  • Rehaul of save system using Savable Interface (ID670, 654, 635, 633)
  • Fixed small UI issues in menus
  • ID611 - Fixed crash, interacting in first person with the machine for hauling lines causes a crash
  • ID642 - Fixed ship pushed below surface after hauling a huge catch
  • ID596 - Fixed audio never turns off
  • ID599 - Fixed regression in UI state change system and other minor changes
  • ID603 - Added better names (Xbox controller names) to face buttons for gamepad
  • ID616 - Fixed orca whales are swimming in a unnatural fashion
  • ID683 - Fixed clocks inside ships other than the Borge can not be used to advance time
  • ID601 - Fixed Camera: The maximum sensivity is much to low
  • ID698 - Fixed collision profile of chair
  • ID697 - Fixed Defaults CurrentLevel on some upgrades wrong
  • ID636 - Fixed with a buoy in the hauling area interaction in first person mode is impossible
  • ID737 - Fixed values of fuel tank sizes on all boats
  • ID753 - Fixed missing collider at the dock near the Hammerfest harbor
  • ID760 - Fixed motorboat near Hammerfest is always driving backwards
  • ID755 - Fixed maximal speed of ships differ greatly from the mentioned values
  • ID759 - Fixed birds flying through the ship
  • ID434 - Fixed line goes crazy on hauling
  • ID745 - Fixed flagpole is not visually attached to the ship
  • ID744 - Fixed hauling trawl is not possible with the Ship "Hermes" (Its supposed to be totally different gameplay and set/pickup gear should be hidden
  • ID770 - Fixed all rocks near Forsol missing collider
  • ID777 - Fixed city descriptions are empty
  • ID695 - Fixed Hermes renaming and color changes are not displayed on the ship hull
  • ID768 - Fixed [Vibeke Cathrin] Head of player character inside the ceiling
  • ID776 - Fixed Invisible collider near Tufjord and some ice floes turning invisible
  • ID731 - Fixed [All Ships] Animals can pass through ships
  • ID740 - Fixed Sometimes if there are 2 cruiser in the Hammerfest harbor one is placed on top of the dock

Version: 0.922 - 9.11.2017[ | ]

  • build

Version: 0.921 - 6.11.2017[ | ]

  • Updated set line/net

Version: 0.921 - 6.11.2017[ | ]

  • Updated set line/net
  • Updated buoyancy
  • Level design around the map

Version: 0.92 - 6.11.2017[ | ]

  • New ageing system for ships (Textures), they get more mossy/rust as times goes by
  • New Scanmar system implemented, with adjustable sensors that is upgradeable so they work better and give player more information to get better catches using trawlers (Gameplay needs a bit more iteration, WIP)
  • New adjustable sales option when delivering fish at ports
  • Updated port menus (WIP)
  • Updated landscape materials (WIP)
  • Updated AI system for ships, cars and animal life (WIP)
  • Adjusted fast travel: Not possible to fast travel within 100m from existing line/net
  • Adjusted set line: Not possible to set lines within 50m from existing line/net
  • Lunar Bow and Hermes are now playable
  • Lot of level design around the map, improved all ports
  • Reworked lot of props for ships/landscape
  • Tons of other fixes and optimization

Version: 0.914 - 09.10.2017[ | ]

  • New ship, replaced Sjarken
  • New landscape material
  • New boat assets, line hauler, gutting table, steering wheel
  • New crew management system
  • New LNG ship
  • Added clock onboard each ship for timeskip
  • Added new whales and seagulls spawing
  • Added pink house in Akkarfjord
  • Added new certificates in logbook
  • Added walki talkie for rescue service
  • Added new rescue service icon
  • Fixed LOD on alot of buildings
  • Fixed streelights so they turn off/on at night/day
  • ID356 - Fixed [Fast travel] The boat do not stop automatically after arriving the final waypoint
  • ID436 - Fixed Port information popup will not zoom back to port camera
  • Tons of other minor updates and bugfixes

Version: 0.913 - 16.08.2017[ | ]

  • ID419 – Fixed Fish Population always showing on map
  • ID409 – Fixed selected filter for fish population not being saved
  • ID422 – Fixed tabs in logbook only fills first page
  • ID423 – Fixed white text that is hard to see in certain weather conditions
  • ID417 – Fixed game crash after hauling longline
  • ID382 – Fixed Sjarken is not possible to upgrade radar
  • ID425 – Fixed boat floating in air at Hammerfest centrum
  • ID410 – Fixed issue with external camera while hauling
  • ID322 – Fixed issue with water sometimes rises vertical out of the sea
  • ID424 – Fixed ship names sometimes fade away
  • ID426 – Fixed sometimes ambient noise from thunderstorm playing in main menu
  • ID412 – Fixed issue where it is possible to start engine and steer the boat while hauling line
  • Adjusted prices on upgrades for Børge and Sjarken
  • Lot of graphic optimization and other fixes

Version: 0.903 - 16.08.2017[ | ]

  • Improved boat wake (Still WIP)
  • New ship added, Hermes
  • New character animations
  • New splash screens
  • New speed/fuel meter in all ships
  • Added all crew/mission characters models
  • Added new interior in Lunar Bow and Hermes
  • Added fish box filled texture
  • Added rescue service / sink and damage model
  • Adjusted camera settings for player mechanics
  • Adjusted spray effects for ships
  • Updated to UE 4.17
  • Lot of optimization, bug fixes and level design

Version: 0.902 - 30.07.2017[ | ]

  • Improved boat wake (WIP)
  • Added new loadscreens with tips
  • Added tutorial when starting new career
  • Added ice barriers on map edges
  • Added captain logbook
  • Added speed/fuel to minimap
  • Lot of optimization, bug fixing and level design

Version: 0.901 - 17.07.2017[ | ]

  • Improved boat wake (WIP)
  • New port menu icons
  • Updated minimap
  • Added fuel tanks for each boat
  • All ports added and working (Hammerfest, Rypefjord, Forsøl, Akkarfjord, Snefjord, Tufjord)
  • Lot of bug fixing, optimization and level design

Version: 0.9 - 19.06.2017[ | ]

  • Trawl system finished on Lunar Bow
  • New boat wake (Alpha version)
  • Added Vibeke Cathrin as player boat
  • Added go back from free cam using “G” button
  • Added new mouse pointer for action objects
  • Added new fish (Mackerel) for pelagic trawling
  • Added gadgets in wheelhouse on boats
  • New port Tufjord
  • New trawl areas (Go to map 11 with trawler to enter trawling area)
  • Improved 1st person driving
  • Lot of bug fixing, optimization and level design

Version: 0.880 - 29.05.2017[ | ]

  • New 1st person boat driving
  • Added Load/Save routine
  • Added New logo in main menu
  • Added Light switches for 1st person
  • Added more missions
  • Added buying boats are viewed in 3D
  • Improved fish habitat algorithm
  • Improved car/boat AI
  • Scanmar system in progress
  • Lot of level design and mesh optimization

Version: 0.879 - 26.04.2017[ | ]

  • Yarn mechanic added

Version: 0.85 - 15.11.2016[ | ]

  • New water and buoyancy system
  • Gutting mechanic
  • Hire crew in bar, set crew to do tasks on boat 2
  • XP and level progression
  • New main HUD and UI
  • C++ conversation of all classes
  • New sounds and soundscapes
  • Animated fishes
  • Unbait and sell lines in gear shop
  • Fixed alot of textures and level design