Fishing: Barents Sea Wiki

Crew[ | ]

Crew members can eliminate some work involved in the fishing process, and are necessary for performing certain functions, such as setting a trawling net. Crew members are available for any boat except the Børge.

Crew have an initial hiring fee, and after that they will take a percentage of your revenue each time you sell your fish at a port. These amounts will vary between crew members.

Max skill level for each attribute is level 23.

Crew House[ | ]

From update version 1.3.1 you can now store your crew in the crew house at ports.

Storing a crew in the Crew House will cost you -50% monthly fee based on your crew members regular monthly fee. There will also be added travel expenses and time needed for your crew member to get to the mustering port, if they are located elsewhere.

This should make it easier for you to add your crew back to any of your boats when needed.

Attributes[ | ]

Each crew member has attributes that gauge their effectiveness at certain tasks. Crew members have individual starting values for each attribute, but can improve over time as they perform them. The exact numerical effects of the skills are currently unknown.

Skill Activity
Cooking Cooking food
Freezing Placing fish in the freezer
Longline hauling Hauling in a longline
Hand gutting Gutting the fish with a knife
Machine gutting Putting fish in the gutting machine
Net hauling Hauling in a net
Reparing Repairing the boat
Stacking Stacking fish in storage
Pot Baiting & Set Bait pot and set pots
Sort Crabs Sorting crabs
Operating Crane Operating crab pots with crane

Cooking[ | ]

Stamina cost per hour: -0.2 Stamina
Higher skill in Cooking reduces the time it takes to create 1 unit of food. The prepared meals will be displayed under the Cook slot with a maximum of 4 meals being prepared at a time. This means whenever 4 meals are ready they need to be used for the Cook to continue making more meals. Optionally the Cook can be moved back to Resting or another task since the Cook will be idle once the prepared meals slot is full.

Freezing[ | ]

Stamina used per hour: -0.3 Stamina
Higher skill in Freezing increases how many fish is frozen per hour.

Longline Hauling[ | ]

Stamina cost per hour: -0.2 Stamina
Higher skill in Longline Hauling reduces the chance of the Crew member missing the fish and increases chance of better catches (+3% and +5% bonuses for Good and Perfect catches).

Net Hauling[ | ]

Stamina used per hour: -0.2 Stamina

Hand Gutting[ | ]

Stamina cost per hour: -0.2 Stamina
Higher skill means more fish gutted per hour.

Machine Gutting[ | ]

Stamina used per hour: -0.5 Stamina
Higher skill means more fish processed through the machine gutter per hour.

Repairing[ | ]

Stamina cost per hour: -0.5 Stamina
Higher skill means repairing a higher percentage per hour.

Stacking[ | ]

Stamina used per hour: -1.5 Stamina
Higher skill means more fish is stacked per hour.

Baiting Pot & Setting[ | ]

Stamina used per hour: -0.2 Stamina
Higher skill means faster baiting and set of pot per hour.

Sort Crabs[ | ]

Stamina used per hour: -0.5 Stamina
Higher skill means faster sorting crabs per hour.

Operating Crane[ | ]

Stamina used per hour: -1.0 Stamina
Higher skill means better to operate crane per hour.

Rest[ | ]

Sending Crew members to rest will make them start regenerating their Stamina. The stamina will regenerate at a rate of +1 Stamina per hour, but can be increased through the use of food made from Cooking.

Food[ | ]

Crew members who are resting can use food to increase how much Stamina they regenerate per hour.

To feed a Crew member make sure the Crew member is in one of the Resting slots and that there is food available (hamburger icons underneath the Cook slot, max: 4 hamburgers available at any time). Click+Drag on the hamburger icon and drag it over the Crew member you want to feed and release it.

Any Crew member who has been fed with a hamburger will double their Stamina regeneration and receive +2 Stamina per hour instead of the standard +1 Stamina per hour.

Operating Crane[ | ]

You can operate the crane onboard Svalbard. From version 1.3.3 you can also set your crew to handle the whole crab operation.

Open the crew panel to set crew members to operate crane on Svalbard.

Crew can stack or place crab pots on table, ready for baiting and deploying.


Use toggle button in crew panel to set crew member to stack or place pot, on table.