Fishing: Barents Sea Wiki

Fish[ | ]

Fish are the primary commodity in Fishing: Barents Sea. You catch and sell fish in order to upgrade your boat with better equipment to catch fish more efficiently.

Types of fish[ | ]

There are 5 main types of fish available to catch on the Barents Sea: Cod, Pollock, Haddock, Redfish, and Mackerel.

Cod icon Cod[ | ]

Cod is of the best quality when caught between September and February each season. (Indicated BLUE)

Pollack icon Pollock[ | ]

Pollock is able to be caught all year round. (Indicated GREEN)

Haddock icon Haddock[ | ]

Haddock is of the best quality when caught between August and February each season. (Indicated YELLOW)

Redfish icon Redfish[ | ]

Redfish is only available from August to December of each year. (Indicated RED)

Mackerel icon Mackerel[ | ]

Mackerel are of the best quality when caught between May and October each season.

KingCrab-iconKing Crab[ | ]

Catches of king crab are carried out using special crab pots from July to October.

Fishing Seasons Table[ | ]

This table shows which months of the year the different types of fish will be of the best quality.

Green - Best time to fish for the specific fish type.

Red - indicates "off season" months.

Note: Events can alter the pricing of the fish (both increase or decrease the price) even though the fish is in season. It's important to check your journal to keep note of these events to ensure you are not going after fish with reduced price, or missing out on fish that is selling above average price.

Fish Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
King Crab