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Upgrades[ | ]

Your boat can be given various upgrades while docked to improve the performance and appearance while fishing.

Functional upgrades[ | ]

Upgrade Function
Storage Increases the amount of fish that can be stored
Engine Increases engine power, allowing greater acceleration and speed
Radar Increase the area around the boat visible on the map

Storage Storage[ | ]

Increasing the storage of the boat allows the boat to carry more fish which in turn means the boat can stay out fishing longer without making frequent trips back to port to sell the fish. The storage can typically be upgraded three times for each boat with the final upgrade giving the boat twice the cargo capacity compared to it's stock configuration.

A larger cargohold also means more weight which makes the boat slower to maneuver as well as reducing it's acceleration and top speed. Therefore it is important to also make sure you upgrade the engine along with the storage unless you plan to be moving at very reduced speeds.

Engine Engine[ | ]

Upgrading the engine will give the boat better acceleration and speed. It also makes the engine more powerful which allows it to maneuver better even when weighed down with a lot of fish in the storage. Some boats, like Vibeke Cathrin, don't see a large increase in top speed from engine upgrades but instead having a stronger engine means the boat is still able to maneuver and operate at full efficiency even when storage is filled.

FP upgrades Radar[ | ]

The different radar upgrades will allow the boat to see a larger radius around it when sailing into unexplored (grey) areas of the map. Each radar upgrade will increase this radius to a specific range which is listed under the name of the radar when in the Upgrade menu. The smaller boats will have weaker radars and thus shorter radius of a couple hundred meters than the larger boats which can have a radius as far as a few kilometers.

Cosmetic upgrades[ | ]

Cosmetic upgrades only affect the visuals of the boat and does not affect any attributes or behavior of your boat.

Rename boat[ | ]

Boats can be renamed with a name of your own choosing. You can also use a basic color palette to change the color of the text for the boats name.

Repaint boat[ | ]

The boat will start to look old with wear and tear over time. Paying for repaint will restore the exterior look of the boat back to the same state as when you bought it, thus making it look new and fresh again.

Note: Repainting ONLY restores the boat back to the original look when bought and does NOT allow you to choose which color you want for the boat.

Searchlight[ | ]

This upgrade simply changes the exterior look of the search lights. It does not affect how far or wide the searchlight will shine.

Mast[ | ]

The different masts give the boat a slightly more sophisticated look.